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In Game Abbreviations

  1. Classes:
RM - refers to Ringmaster, second class of assist (usally a prist, healer of the group)
BP - refers to Billposter, second class of assist (semi-fighting class)
Ele- elementor, second job of magician
Psy- Psykeeper, second job of magician
merc- mercenary, a melle fighting class using sword and shield (job change into blade or knight)
BJ- bow jester, a class that decides to use bows instead of yo-yos as a main weapon (not viable anymore)
YJ- simply means yo-yo jester, second class of acrobat
2. Weapons/ armor
LR- refers to lusaka ruby weapons and armor parts which can be obtained right after 3rd job change
Swift- swiftness weapons/armor, required lv200 to wield
ASY- refers to the asylum weapons/armor lv250 is required to wield
venge- refers to the vengeful weapons lv290 is required to wield
Baku - refers to baku imperial weapons/armor lv300 is required to wield
MALE- refers to malefic conqueror weapons which are the strongest weapons in the game (requires lv300 to wield)
3. Minigames:
Colo- Coloseum, a big arena like map where group of players fights off waves of monsters (bosses included)
KW- Kingdow Wars, a custom mini-game which goal is to destroy the opponents crystal wins (3 groups)
GS- Guild Siege, an event PvP arena, test your skills against other guilds on the server
BF- battlefield, a custom PvP map, it allows players to collect faction points
4. Other Terms
GH- Guild House, a place where players of the same guild can hang out
ADV CONTRI- advance contribution party, meaning where exp is shared in a group of people leveling
RED SCROLL- a scroll that enchantes the party skills
Red Chips (aka RC)- used to obtain Lusaka Ruby, swiftness armor and weapons and other goodies
Faction Points- "tokens" that are use to obtain by doing Battlefield runs, required to purchase faction weapons

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